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Refund Policy / Terms of Service

This application is no longer for sell.

In the first 14 days from the payment date, if you want a refund and you paid with a payment method that allows refunds, you can do so by sending an email to payments[at] and explain to get a full refund. There are no refunds after 14 days as it is enough time to check if everything is working good.

In the first month since
buying a license you will automatically receive a free license unlock. The button will automatically appear on your license on "My Licenses" page.

If you want to cancel something you bought and get full credit back to your account so you can do so in the first month since buying that item just send an email and a reason.

License Unlock (Transfer)

DBP Licenses are locked to your hardware serials and can be activated and run on that 1 computer only.
When buying a DBP license you are also getting 1 free license unlock in the first month.
That means that if for ANY reason you want to transfer your license to a different computer you can do it simply by going to "My Licenses" page and clicking "License Transfer".
After that, a License Unlock is still possible but it will costs $30.