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The Best Aimbot - Including Memory, AutoScreen, and Screen modes - 100% accurate, Fully automatic !

Supported servers ONLY:
> GIS - Gunbound International
> GLS - Gunbound Latino
> GBS - Gunbound Brazil
> GBC - Gunbound Classic (private server - hacks not supported)

- Features -

Perfect AutoShot
Target Lock
Tag Reveal
Nak Underground
Lightning Aid Lines
Turtle Forks
SS Marks
Slots Aim
3 Different Input modes
Easy to use user interface
And many more features...!

DragonBotPro > Permanent License > Anti Plugin

A extended features pack for DragonBotPro which adds features that will protect you against cheaters and game hacks, so you can continue enjoying a fun and playable game.
More Anti related features will be automatically added when available for free.
This is a must have for every player!

- Features -

Auto Tornado/Mirror Detection !! - Automatically mark tornados and mirrors !

Random Force Reveal !! - Will show you which force is the random force whenever it appears.

Anti-Crash - This will save you from being crashed and losing your good room! It will also report to you the player name who is trying to crash you!
Anti-Crash is automatically being updated with new protections as soon as new crashes are discovered.
Can be turned off and on whenever you like!
The ultimate protection!
It protects you by blocking these crashes:
- Stage-Crash
- End Game Crash
- Room Crash 1
- Runtime Crash 1
- Runtime Crash 2
- Turns Crash 3
- Zero Crash
- Stage Crash 2
- Stage Crash 3
- Master Crash
- Crash X
- World List Crash
- Room Crash 2
- Heal Hack (Yes it can block some hacks too!)
- Ghost Hack
- Access 1
- Access 2
- Access 3
- Bug Room
- Enter Crash
- Wrong Version
- Any future crash that will be included in DBP's crash-plugin! (You will always be protected!)
And many more!!

Anti-Item - This feature will save you from bad evil items! This can be the difference between winning to losing! You will still see which user used which item so you will be on the safe side if someone is asking. This feature can be turned off and just by clicking a button on your screen.
These items will not affect you:
- Reversed Bomb I
- Reversed Bomb II
- Manusa Bomb
- Reversed Gauge
- Dual Thor
- Crazy Wind
- Invisible

Anti-Hacks - A new feature that shows you secret information about the players that are in your room, so you can easily see who is cheating and who is legal. (so you can kick them or leave the room)

DragonBotPro > Permanent License > Automation Plugin

A extended features pack for DragonBotPro which adds Automation Mode which has the abilities to do automatic user actions.
Purchasing this item will unlock the Automation features buttons and commands on your DragonBotPro.

- Features -
AutoStart (automatically starts a game when everyone are ready)
PassTurns (automatically pass your turns in game)
CloseScoreScreen (automatically close the scores screen when a game is over)
KeepKey (make sure you won't be kicked out of your own room when you are not starting a game, use ForceReady button to be able to start a game)

- Features that require Hacks-Plugin -
AutoKick (automatically kick specific players when they join your room, you can build a list)
AutoKickAll (automatically kick everyone out of your room)
AutoJoin (trys to join a room again and again until it is possible to join that room)
AutoReady (automatically press ready for you when you are not ready)
AutoRoomCreate (automatically creates rooms for you over and over until it gets a good room number lower or equal to a given number. Very effective legal way to get a low number room)
PassBreaker (breaks into easy password protected rooms *unstable on GBWC2*)
DragonBotter (automatically generate fast GP for you by playing legal-looking games with your second computer or VMware. Tip: use CloseScoreScreen+PassTurns features on the 2nd computer for even faster GP. It can work with just 1 DBP, but 2 DBPs are recommended for much faster GP)

Works and supported on both GBWC2 official servers and on GBWC1 private servers.
Some features may not work on your GBWC1 private server, please ask before you buy.
Does not work and not supported on GB-Classic private server.

******* Note: Hacks-Plugin is also required for some of the features to work. *******

Required Plugin: Hacks Plugin Plugin

DragonBotPro > Permanent License > Hacks Plugin

A extended features pack for DragonBotPro which adds special features.
Usage: Simply type the command in the chat line, and DBP will see it and activate the feature!
You can see the list of commands when holding the Ctrl button.
Also, while holding the Ctrl button, you can click with the mouse cursor on the buttons of the new special features to activate them.
The special features are very dynamic - you will automatically get new features when they released
and features will be removed when they are obsolete and no longet needed.

Hacks such as: (features list may change any time)
- Team Chat Spy (view the other team's private chat)
- Mobile Card Level (set mobile card level up to level 30)
- Extra Power (more damage)
- Extra Life (more life)
- Fast Walk Speed
- Super Raon
- Fake Power User (looks like you have power user, background and colors)
- Fake Rank (changes your rank)
- Join rooms even if they kicked you
And more!

Works and supported on the official GIS/GLS/GBS servers only!
On GBWC1 servers only a few of these features will work.
On GB-Classic no features will work.

Required Plugin: Anti Plugin Plugin

DragonBotPro > Permanent License > Crash Plugin

A extended features pack for DragonBotPro which adds special trainer features.
Usage: Simply type the command in the chat line, and DBP will see it and activate the feature!

Including Waiting-Room Crashes and In-Game Crashes.

New crash related features will be automatically added when available and removed or patched.

Works and supported on the official GIS/GLS/GBS servers only!
Does not work for any GBWC1/GB-Classic private server (do not buy it if you are playing on these servers).

WARNING: Using crashes may get you banned on some servers. Never do it with your main account or from the same IP address of your main account if you don't want it to get banned. Always use fully separated fake noob account for crashing. This is only for people who know what they are doing and know what are the risks! Use at your own risk only!

Required Plugin: Anti Plugin Plugin

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Refund Policy / Terms of Service

This application is no longer for sell.

In the first 14 days from the payment date, if you want a refund and you paid with a payment method that allows refunds, you can do so by sending an email to payments[at] and explain to get a full refund. There are no refunds after 14 days as it is enough time to check if everything is working good.

In the first month since
buying a license you will automatically receive a free license unlock. The button will automatically appear on your license on "My Licenses" page.

If you want to cancel something you bought and get full credit back to your account so you can do so in the first month since buying that item just send an email and a reason.

License Unlock (Transfer)

DBP Licenses are locked to your hardware serials and can be activated and run on that 1 computer only.
When buying a DBP license you are also getting 1 free license unlock in the first month.
That means that if for ANY reason you want to transfer your license to a different computer you can do it simply by going to "My Licenses" page and clicking "License Transfer".
After that, a License Unlock is still possible but it will costs $30.